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Non-surgical Body Improvements to Boost your Confidence

"I was one of the first to bring these fabulous treatments to the Fylde coast so I posses good experience and knowledge of all services I offer. I enjoy what I do and love to give my clients confidence and to this day have not or will not send away any unhappy clients".

If you are looking for friendly, relaxing environment with a proven history of happy clients then Enhanced Blackpool is the place for you. I am always fair with my prices as I do not believe in charging extortionate prices making it affordable to feel good about yourself. Most treatments are pain free and require no recovery time but, do require more than one session for more permanent results.

I often say; think of my treatments as using a sun-bed, you would not expect to gain an instant golden tan after using a sun-bed once and expect that it will last forever.

It often takes more sessions to reach your desired result and continuous sessions to maintain it. However, laser treatments are a little different and will only need a set number of treatments.

Treatment Consultation

If you are considering treatment with a clinician/practitioner I believe a quality consultation prior to having any non-surgical procedures is incredibly important. There are many reasons as to why a thorough consultation is an integral part of the process and the main reason is patient safety.

Usually, we do the consultation on the same day as your treatment if the treatment does not require a patch test. However, I understand and appreciate clients that would prefer to come in and discuss what treatment would be best for them before deciding.

We will discuss any concerns you may have and give you my professional and honest opinion of what kind of results you can expect to have from the treatment and answer any questions you may have.

If you are looking for more than one treatment we can write up a treatment plan and make a package tailored to your specific needs. Consultations are free but I do a require a non-refundable deposit to book.

If you have any questions you would like to ask please contact me through the phone, email or social media pages.

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What Our Clients Say About us...

As you can see from my testimonials I provide a relaxed environment for clients as I understand it can be daunting going to your initial appointment especially if it is to treat something you are self-conscious about.

I’m on my 4th session of the Hollywood Breast Enhancement and it’s everything I hoped for. the girls are so helpful and put me at ease and made me feel comfortable at all times. can’t wait for my 5th session. highly recommend xx

Emma Jayne

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